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Trucos para hacer que una habitacion parezca mas grande - Tricks to make a room look bigger

It is not possible to gain meters, but we can make a room appear larger, though. It is about deceiving the eye to achieve a feeling of spaciousness that physically is not such. And getting it is not complicated; it is enough to practice a few simple decorating tricks.

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ideas para decorar una terraza faciles y asequibles - Easy, affordable ideas to decorate a terrace

Decorating a terrace with style and on a tight budget is much easier than it seems. With a bit of creativity and good taste, even a tiny balcony can become a true oasis within our home, our favourite place to relax and unwind. How do we make it?

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28432504 2388106 foto77530708 - Design and elegance in the historic center (Málaga)

On this occasion, the house of the week takes us to an exclusive house in the historic centre of Malaga, equipped with qualities and luxury design. It is a fantastic four bedroom apartment, completely renovated, just a few steps from Calle Larios. ...continue reading "Design and elegance in the historic center (Málaga)"

Known as Villa Colani, inspired by the legendary designer Luigi Colani and located on the island of Majorca (Balearics, Spain), this estate was finished in 2009. There's about 10,700-square-feet of living space that includes a spherical kitchen for which the appliances (even the spherical ones) were designed by Sheer and flown in from Italy. More than 1,230 square feet of 24-carat gold (the gold weighed 60 pounds and at the time cost more than $1 million) was used in the swimming pools and house. There are golden fixtures and crystal chandeliers. Specialists and security experts from Austria, Germany and Switzerland were brought in for the installations. And, of course, there is a safe room.

Everything in the house runs by remote control -- appliances, curtains, the closed circuit TV, and security systems.

It's a home full of gadgets, glitter and gizmos. But of the highest quality and expense. The estate is a series of circular structures, connected by terraces, water features and wrapped in a package where the exterior is bright orange. There's an eclectic mix of statues, blue marble columns with gilded plinths, genuine gold mosaic in the bath, and a pool that abuts directly to the exterior of the house.

The exacting renovation of the villa was followed closely by the media in Majorca and Germany. And the crowning media moment came when Colani himself visited to witness the installation of the Colani entrance door. He apparently was pleased.

house in Mallorca1 - Super Luxury Villa in Mallorca, Balearic Islands
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