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Que tener en cuenta al decorar una casa para vender mas rapido - Decorating tips to sell a home faster

The first impression is always essential. If a potential buyer comes across a bare, dark, old-fashioned home, their appraisal will never be positive. Achieving a radical transformation to make it more attractive is neither complicated nor require a considerable investment. But how to decorate a house to sell faster and in better conditions? Only apply a few simple tips.

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Que es el Home Staging y como puede ayudarte a vender mas rapido un piso - What is Home Staging, and how it can help you sell a home faster

Two important factors come into play when buying a home: the first impression and an emotional component. Betting on them always helps to sell an apartment faster, and that is where Home Staging comes into play, whose objective is to attract the potential buyer from the first moment.

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photo 1501183638710 841dd1904471 1024x683 - Home Staging techniques to apply to your home

The Home Staging is a set of different techniques more used when conditioning a house to sell it. These techniques are intended to make our property a product that is much more attractive to the eyes of any interested. Although it is impossible to apply all the techniques to the same house, in this post we detail the main methods with which you will not fail regardless of the type of your home.

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casa 3d decoracion 1048 4703 - House for sale: How to revalue your house in Spain by means of "home staging"

The "home staging" is a technique that allows you to sell (or rent) quickly and at the best price a home. Basically, it consists in giving a facelift to the house so that the potential buyers fall in love with it at first sight of it, since, according to the real estate agents, these are decided in the first 90 seconds of the visit. Today we are going to talk about how to put this technique into practice to sell your property in Spain. ...continue reading "House for sale: How to revalue your house in Spain by means of “home staging”"