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Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

reformar el bano en que gastar para que merezca la pena - Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

Reforming the bathroom is something that sooner or later must get done. Installations have a useful life, and it is essential to replace them over time. Besides, trends in decoration also play a role in this room.

But renovating the bathroom can mean a significant expense, so you'd better take care of the design and planning. There may be an option to save some costs. However, in some elements, it is convenient not to skimp on the reform. In which ones?

What is worth it when renovating the bathroom

1. A good layout

Bathrooms are, generally, small rooms, so it is essential to make the most of the space. Good distribution is the key. Moving the toilet raises the budget, but it will gain a lot in spaciousness and comfort.

distribucion bano - Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

2. A shower tray

We'll gain more space by replacing the bathtub with a shower. We recommend choosing a good quality one and, above all, to ensure a correct installation. That would be the best way to avoid premature wear and leaks, especially in built-in shower trays.

There is another aspect in which it is also worth investing when renovating the bathroom: a good screen. It will resist much better the intensive use of it. We recommend installing a model without a frame that will make the bathroom look more spacious.

bano ducha - Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

3. Renovate the installations

The installations also accuse the passage of time. Although the bathroom was relatively new, if the coatings are to be changed, the idea is to renew the plumbing and wiring. It'll be the best way to avoid future problems.

On the other hand, the bathroom renovation is the perfect time to put some more plugs or to change the traditional lights for LED, much more efficient.

instalaciones bano - Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

4. Water-saving systems

Water is a scarce asset, so any investment in limiting its consumption has enormous benefits for everyone. But, on an individual level, we cannot forget the reduction in the water bill. And that allows amortizing the higher investment that requires taps with a reduced flow system or low consumption cisterns.

5. Good heating

A comfortable temperature in the bathroom is essential in winter. But we must consider that humid conditions can deteriorate radiators if they are not of good quality. For this reason, it is advisable not to save on this aspect and choose efficient radiators, preferably in stainless steel. A heated towel rail is another good investment when renovating the bathroom if you live in a cold zone.

calefaccion bano - Bathroom renovation: where to spend to make it worthwhile

6. Partitions and built-in furniture

If you plan to raise some partition, embed the cistern or make furniture and work shelves, we recommend using waterproof plasterboard plates. Their price is higher, but they will endure the humid conditions of the bathroom without problems.

All these reforms will increase the investment in reforming the bathroom it's worth it: more space, more safety, greater comfort and savings in electricity and water bills, among others.

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