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Cual es la mejor edad para comprar una casa - What is the best age to buy a home?

Buying a home is one of the most important decisions we can take in our life. The age factor plays an important role, and not only because of the job stability that defines the debt capacity and that is associated with maturity. In determining the best age to buy a home, there are also vital circumstances that can incline preferences towards buying or renting or towards a particular property.

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Que casa comprar segun tu sueldo todo lo que debes tener en cuenta - How to choose a house according to your salary: everything you should have in mind

Buying a home is an exciting step in life. It will be our home for a long time, perhaps forever, and the decision must be made by analyzing every detail. On one side, the house must fulfil our tastes and needs. But on the other, we find ourselves limited by a budget according to our salary.

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hotel 1209021 960 720 - Average rental prices in Spain just keep going up

In August, they went up by 10% in the year. This was the third consecutive month of double-digit rises and the 30th month in a row of increases. ...continue reading "Average rental prices in Spain just keep going up"

The price of Spanish housing is growing at a much faster rate than the euro zone average, exceeding it for seven consecutive quarters. The latest data shows that the second quarter of 2016 MIjas 300x225 - Spanish property prices keep growingwitnessed a 3.8 per cent increase, lower than Jan-Mar figures but still higher than the euro zone average of 2.9 per cent.

Both Spain and Ireland have seen strong increases in recent years, largely due to making up lost ground as they continue to rebound from the brink of disaster.

France and Italy have fared far worse, while Germany has also performed well.

The news comes as a Spanish real estate revealed its half year report showing that major cities and coastal hotspots are behind much of Spain’s recent price growth.
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Property pundits have been concerned that sales of newly built Spanish homes appear to be low, contradicting the notion that a solid recovery is in full swing. In fact all the evidence shows the new house for sale in Las Palmas 300x200 - Sun Shining on Spanish Property Salesdevelopments from Madrid to Alicante, and from Marbella to Mallorca are selling very well.

So why isn’t this translating into official figures? The reason is that home sales won’t be entered into the property register until they are fully built and have habitation certificates, meaning we can take these seemingly low sales figures with a pinch of salt.

On to the wider sales market, which includes second-hand homes, and the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics show strong growth across key regions including the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Murcia, Balearic Islands, and the cosmopolitan centres of Madrid and Barcelona.
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