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These Five Signs Indicate Your Dream Home May Be a Nightmare

These Five Signs Indicate Your Dream Home May Be a Nightmare - These Five Signs Indicate Your Dream Home May Be a Nightmare

It is a spacious and bright house, has a garden or terrace, and the location seems right, or it's ready to move in. Apparently, it is the property you were looking for to make it your new home or your second residence. However, you should not rush. The house of your dreams can steal them if you are not careful.

Before going forward, you should analyze the property thoroughly. How can you discover the property is not what it seemed?

Beware of these signs. It may not be your dream home.

1. Too low a price.

If a house is priced too low, it is because there is a rush to sell. The reasons for this can be very different: an inheritance, a separation, the need to have funds to acquire another home, hidden defects, pending charges, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to find the reason for such a competitive starting price. Something as simple as asking around the neighbourhood or inquiring at the Property Registry can put you on track.

Finding out about the sale prices in the area is another good recommendation. The usual thing is that the owners raise the price a little to have room for negotiation and not to establish a downward price from the beginning.

2. An over-kept scenography.

Home staging is a strategy to make a home more attractive in the eyes of buyers. They depersonalize the spaces by using light, colours and decor that facilitates imagining that it could be your dream home.

However, it is worth looking a little further. Sometimes, the real opportunities are in homes with sloppy appearance. More than in that staging, you should look at the features of the property: the number of rooms, the location, the surrounding area, etc.

Likewise, take the time to exhaustively review each room to prevent surprising decoration from distracting you from important details, such as the state of the doors and windows, the wiring, the boiler or the kitchen furniture.

3. There are infrastructures very close.

Highways, railways, and airports are a source of noise that can be very annoying. Perhaps they go almost unnoticed during the day, but you shouldn't ignore them. At night, when everything is quiet at home, these noises will cause insomnia and stress.

Not only infrastructures, but you must also consider the proximity of industrial plants, partying and entertainment areas. All are also a cause of great noise and can turn what seemed your dream home into a nightmare.

4. The building is too old.

Although the property may fit with what you want, when it's a flat or apartment, checking the building is fundamental. A building with a neglected or deteriorated aspect may need improvement works that will mean more expenses.

In these cases, it is convenient to find out when the last technical inspection of the building was. The more recent, the better. We also recommend learning how often they occur. Buildings with serious deficiencies have to get an inspection every 6 or 3 years.

5. Needs a renovation.

Buying a home to reform allows adapting it to your tastes and needs. Anyhow, you should carefully study the possibilities of achieving it, or it could become a real headache. Keep in mind that planning regulations may prohibit, limit extensions, or may not be possible to change the distribution.

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