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10 Tips to Increase The Bookings of a Holiday Rental Home

10 Tips to Increase The Bookings of a Holiday Rental Home - 10 Tips to Increase The Bookings of a Holiday Rental Home

When we analyzed the evolution of the holiday rental market in 2023, we saw the short-term rental offer keeps growing. Standing out from such a wide offer is not easy. Gaining visibility is not enough to increase the bookings of a holiday rental home. It'll be necessary to implement strategies that increase the property value, making a difference and encouraging potential guests who choose us over the others.

Some ways serve to position your holiday home in the holiday rental market. Some are especially effective in increasing the bookings of tourist apartments.

10 Tips to increase the bookings of a holiday rental home

1. Provide as much information as possible

Passing a first screening in searches is essential. One of the keys is to offer all the information about the accommodation clearly and visibly. If the searcher doesn't find enough data at first glance, they may continue looking for other options.

2. Ensure fast and effective communication

Doubts may arise in the search, and potential customers will want to resolve them before deciding. Speed is key. A question section on the website/ad page or a contact email is too little. Responding quickly and with precision conveys confidence and seriousness.

3. Make booking easy

A fundamental aspect when increasing the bookings of a holiday rental home is to make the process as simple as possible. Each additional step that the interested party has to take is a chance for him to step back. Once the booking gets done, it is much more unlikely to change one's mind.

4. Offer additional services could make a difference

In the face of similar accommodations, you will always choose the one that offers the best service. Access through digital locks, insurance that covers possible damages, free Wi-Fi, laundry, cleaning service or accessories to go to the beach included (umbrellas, hammocks, etc.) will help increase the bookings of a tourist home.

5. Quality photos are a must

Whoever performs the search does not physically see the tourist apartment and may mistrust the descriptions, even if they are detailed. Therefore, the idea is to provide a complete vision with quality photos. Moreover, videos and virtual tours are welcome too.

6. Welcoming gifts on the house

Any detail will be well received. For example, it could be a fruit basket, some soft drinks in the fridge or a discount for some recreational activity. Show interest in ensuring that guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. It is a great marketing tool as they will tell the experience to other people. In fact, many clients trust referrals from people they know rather than advertisements.

7. Improve customer loyalty

Loyalty also serves to increase the bookings for tourist flats. A satisfied guest may want to repeat their stay. Therefore, we should remind them of the accommodation. Emails with reminders, information of interest or discounts are helpful tools.

8. Don't forget the reviews

The opinions of other guests have an enormous weight in the final choice. Thus, another fundamental strategy is to request positive reviews from satisfied customers. The more you get, the more chances of increasing your holiday home's bookings.

9. Presence in social networks

Social networks are increasingly a place to search for accommodation and reviews. That is why it is essential to work on them. They are a functional vehicle to advertise and communicate with people looking for vacation homes.

10. Holiday listings on real estate portals

Real estate and vacation rental platforms continue to be the principal search source, which is why it is crucial to advertise on them. helps you increase the bookings of your holiday rental. List it for free and start reaching national and international customers.

Do not miss any more opportunities. Go to the web now and provide visibility to your holiday rental home.

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