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The Most Wanted in Holiday Rentals in 2023: What Travelers Seek

The Most Wanted in Holiday Rentals in 2023 What Travelers Seek - The Most Wanted in Holiday Rentals in 2023: What Travelers Seek

Holiday rentals must meet specific requirements to be comfortable and enjoyable for seasonal renters. Also, we should consider another factor: the growing number of digital nomads and people who travel abroad for work or study and need temporary accommodation. Additionally, we must offer them some extra comforts.

These amenities and small details make a home attractive in the first place. Secondly, providing an unbeatable experience for the tenant will result in good reviews and the best possible promotion.

What is in demand in holiday homes?

Many aspects can make a difference, but some are especially relevant in vacation homes:

Good internet connection

It is what remote workers and students check first since their daily work depends on it. Therefore, it is not enough to offer wifi. It is essential that it is high-speed and allows multiple users to share it without slowing down.

Adapted workspace

Another fundamental key to attracting digital nomads is having a space specially designed for working with laptops. You should have a desk, preferably in a well-lit area isolated from the rest of the home, a comfortable chair and plugs nearby.

Perfectly fitted-kitchens

The lack of appliances and tableware is usually one of the frequent complaints in holiday rentals. Avoiding it is easy. It is worth checking that there is complete dishware, glassware and cutlery. Besides, there should be enough pots and kitchenware. Tenants also value small appliances such as a blender, a toaster and, especially, a coffee maker.

Washer and dryer

Having these appliances is a plus. For tenants, it means saving time and money compared to the possibility of using laundry services. Further, providing laundry products will make the experience even more positive.

Full bathroom

Like the kitchen, a bathroom with everything you need is fundamental for temporary home renters. We cannot miss a hairdryer or a magnifying mirror, storage space, basic toiletries and, of course, towels and towel hooks.

Extras in outdoor spaces

One of the main attractions of the holiday homes are terraces, patios and gardens. We must not forget them because they are spaces that can be useful for leisure and work. Amenities such as a sofa, a table and chairs set, or a barbecue will elevate the appreciation of the home.

Other convenient features in holiday homes

Other amenities also enhance the tenant experience. That would be the case of self-check-in, with which they save time and gain autonomy, not depending on the physical presence of a person. Also, we would add a Smart TV and heating/air conditioning.

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