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Spanish Pavilion Design presents a modern architecture with display a splurge color exterior and colorful interior. This pavilion display at the Floriade 2012 in Venlo, Netherlands which is a wonderful architecture design from designer Pulgon Diseño.

Made of recycled materials like fruit boxes, planks and some rest of the building materials, this pavilion brought go-green concept. Cradle to Cradle is the idea which the designer believes that every originate smaterial from nature must finish up as a natural part of it as well. And in the process Pulgon Diseño has created a green structure that is visually distinctive and strikingly vivid from materials that have mostly been discarded as waste.

Spanish Pavilion design is a example of a sustainable design that is both flowing in its appearance and fully functional. The structure was designed to highlight the importance of organic products and how various things and materials in nature can be used and reused for construction. An amalgamation of multitude of materials and colors, the Spanish Pavilion seems like a natural structure that just sprung out of the ground and has a very “natural” feel to it.

Spanish Pavilion Architecture - Spanish Pavilion at Floriade 2012
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Is it the time to buy overseas? 

Interesting article examines housing market possible recovery.

Now is the time to buy overseas property. This has been a popular line for the last 2 years, one that was harder than many thought it would be to sell in 2009, but has been getting a lot easier for the last 12-18 months. With many reports of markets bottoming, could 2012 be the first year of the real global property recovery? ...continue reading "Housing Market will Recover in 2012"