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2674764 1935603 foto 936376 1024x683 - Latin style in this wonderful villa in Alella, Barcelona

Can you imagine views of the sea, unique landscape and a cosy atmosphere? In this house in the coast of Barcelona, you can enjoy those things at the same time and get relaxing thanks to his Spanish and original decoration. ...continue reading "Latin style in this wonderful villa in Alella, Barcelona"

52593 1909646 foto 453690 1024x647 - Five apartments and five styles

There are thousands of styles for each apartment and you could get an original decoration with a few resources. These apartments have different designs so glamorous if you want to get ideas for your home ... Look at these five apartments that look like they're out of the magazine! ...continue reading "Five apartments and five styles"


barcelona 2688066 960 720 - Real estate operations in Catalonia are going slowdown 

The secessionist confrontation in Catalonia are beginning noticed in a recovery sector as the real estate. The political uncertainty propitiates an insecurity climate that has caused large foreign investors stay a waiting situation to maintain caution and prudence even to request an extension period in some transactions for observing how to evolve the conflict. ...continue reading "Real estate operations in Catalonia are going slowdown "

1. Stylish apartment for sale in Barcelona city e1503501343365 - Step Inside A One-Of-A-Kind Barcelona ApartmentThis unique dwelling will make you feel like if you were in ...continue reading "Step Inside A One-Of-A-Kind Barcelona Apartment"


Are you looking to purchase a property in Spain but your tight budget makes it difficult? Here you will see 10 houses, from €85,000 the cheapest one, to €195,000 the most expensive.
882783 2020664 foto 099571 - Bargain Alert! Houses For Sale Under €200,000 ...continue reading "Bargain Alert! Houses For Sale Under €200,000"