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Designed by Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona when he was 30, and designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005, Casa Vicens will be converted into a museum and open its doors to the public during the second half of 2016.

IA 6279915944 6071e0a48d o e1442235954345 - Gaudí's Casa Vicens to Open as a Museum in 2016

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From the architect. The Roman Theatre of Málaga is a monument protected in the highest category, placed in the hillside of the Spanish-Moorish fortress of the Alcazaba and a few meters of the Customs Palace, which will be soon the big Museum of Malaga. If the conservation and restoration of the Theatre is a central target of this great cultural heritage planning, it is not less important the integration of the remains in the city, in the urban life. The Visitors' Centre is designed like the first step to incorporate definitely the Roman Theatre into the new public space generated in the rear part of the Picasso Museum. This way the Centre is inserted in a big cultural axis that covers the Alcazabilla Street and that passes between the Native House of Picasso, the Alcazaba, the Museum of Malaga and the Picasso Museum. Antiquity and modernity, past and future, are summarized symbolically in less than one kilometer of urban route.

1. Visitor Center of the Roman Theatre of Malaga e1441179861220 - Visitor Centre of the Roman Theatre of Malaga by Tejedor Linares & Asociados
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