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photo 1520405705492 78c3b6cb1a48 - What taxes does a foreigner have to pay to buy or sell their home in Spain?

If you are a non-resident foreigner in Spain and do not know what taxes you have to pay when buying or selling your home, we help you to understand what taxes you have to pay. ...continue reading "What taxes does a foreigner have to pay to buy or sell their home in Spain?"

All is not lost: they say that the end of the property crisis is coming from the East, where Spain offers sunny weather, good services, excellent communications and now, cheap housing too. This has become a land of opportunity for a certain type of foreign client with money in their pockets. Mortgage loans may have dried out, but that does not matter; these customers pay in cash.

Houses in the Spanish CoastThe Mediterranean region is producing a new model of real estate opportunity: the two-bedroom apartment for 60,000 euros. This is what some banks had been trying to avoid for a long time: demolition prices. But there it is. Reality has moved faster than the government and its bad bank project.

There are two ways of looking at life in the real estate sector. Looking out from the top, on the 19th floor of Madrid's Torre Picasso, the workplace of investment fund consultants, the situation is viewed with a cold, cautious eye: "In the short term, the bad bank will act like the casting-out-nines technique. Things will never be the same," says Rafael Roldán, an executive at Ernst & Young. Or, in other words, big capital has yet to make a move.
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