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casas de super lujo en espana seleccion para los que buscan viviendas exclusivas - Luxury Houses in Spain: a Selection For Those Looking For Exclusive Homes

Spain has everything to enjoy the highest lifestyle, from the exclusivity of the best neighbourhoods in Madrid or Barcelona to the beauty of the Mediterranean coast. And it's possible, no matter the nationality, thanks to the Golden Visa. The offer of super-luxury houses in Spain is broad and increasingly attractive. Do not miss this selection we show you below.

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59263576 2034364 foto 386131 - Foreigners buy more houses in Spain

Over the last year, foreigners bought more houses in Spain than ever before. In particular, international investors adquired about 48.000 houses, an increase more than 13% of total sales. ...continue reading "Foreigners buy more houses in Spain"

Luxury properties are hot and running in Spain

"The lack of property finance available and changes to mortgage taxation have led to an overall slowdown in Spanish property sales in the first half of 2011 but the luxury property market has shown more resilience than other sectors of the market, a new report suggests.

International buyers are acquiring luxury properties in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and Ibiza without mortgage financing, according to an analysis of the Spanish luxury real estate markets by Lucas Fox International.

Its report on the first two quarters of 2011 also shows that there is a growth in property investment in Spain from Russian, Dutch, and Swiss buyers and investors. And tourism growth in Barcelona, the Costa Brava and Ibiza in 2011 has had a positive effect on demand for short term rental properties."