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At the beginning of 2014, gmp was selected through a competition to redesign Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu stadium, as part of a larger project being implemented by Real Madrid president Florentino Pérez. In addition to expanding the capacity of the stadium and covering it with a metallic, retractable roof, the project consisted of constructing a 12,250 square meter retail center and hotel, and an underground parking lot for up to 600 cars.

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The final countdown has begun for the Vicente Calderón soccer stadium. In 2022, the home of Atlético de Madrid, the city’s other major soccer club, will be replaced by two skyscrapers and an enormous riverside park.

Vicente CalderónAccording to the project plans the current site of the Calderón will be filled by two 36-storey towers and eight smaller buildings, which will have a mixed residential and commercial use.

But before that part of the project is complete, in 2016, the club will move to La Peineta stadium in the San Blas district.

Getting the development approved required a change to regional legislation that had prevented any building in the area from being more than three storeys high, with the option of adding an attic. This prohibition, which dated from 2007, was upheld by the Madrid Superior Court of Justice in 2012, when it struck down an earlier zoning plan designed by the city for this same area.
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