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A developer is planning to build the European Union’s tallest skyscraper in Madrid.

Madrid las cuatro torres 300x225 - Developer is planning to build the European Union’s tallest skyscraper in MadridThe 70-floor building would go up in the Chamartín district of the capital, and be part of a larger six-tower complex planned by Distrito Castellana Norte (DCN), has said company CEO Antonio Béjar.

The new buildings are slated for construction near four existing skyscrapers known as Las Cuatro Torres, whose 52-floor Torre Cristal, standing at 250 meters, is currently Madrid’s tallest tower.

Béjar said that the project “will redesign the city’s skyline and place Madrid among the main European capitals.”

According to Béjar, the six new towers “make up a balanced and sustainable urban setting.”

Béjar said the project has all necessary authorizations and technical approval reflected in 48 favorable reports. But it still lacks a municipal license. Béjar said that his company has not sent an ultimatum to city authorities, but that he hopes to get a reply before the end of this year.
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The final countdown has begun for the Vicente Calderón soccer stadium. In 2022, the home of Atlético de Madrid, the city’s other major soccer club, will be replaced by two skyscrapers and an enormous riverside park.

vicente calderón 300x198 - Two Skyscrapers and a Park to Replace Atlético de Madrid StadiumAccording to the project plans the current site of the Calderón will be filled by two 36-storey towers and eight smaller buildings, which will have a mixed residential and commercial use.

But before that part of the project is complete, in 2016, the club will move to La Peineta stadium in the San Blas district.

Getting the development approved required a change to regional legislation that had prevented any building in the area from being more than three storeys high, with the option of adding an attic. This prohibition, which dated from 2007, was upheld by the Madrid Superior Court of Justice in 2012, when it struck down an earlier zoning plan designed by the city for this same area.
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Ángeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, has announced that the controversial plans to build skyscrapers in the town will not go ahead, and the debate about them is over. She did not say whether the modification of the town plan which was recently approved as a first step towards building the tower blocks would be debated again by the council with a view to annulling it.

46353 1240990 foto 7 300x225 - The debate is over: no skyscrapers in Marbella (Málaga)Backtracking on her previous statement to the effect that no decision would be made until a public board had been convened and consulted, and in the face of strong opposition, the mayor said that it would not be necessary to wait for January and the advice of the yet-to-be-created board, because the decision had been taken.

In the mayor’s opinion, this means an end to the debate about the project for skyscrapers. Asked about the creation in Marbella of a citizen platform made up of promoters, architects and ecologists who are opposed to the project, she said:

“Anybody can form a group and debate. If a platform is set up we will be delighted to hear its opinions, but on the part of the local government I am telling you there is no intention to go ahead,” (in reference to the skyscrapers).
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The town planning debate which has raged recently over plans for a 30 storey residential block took a new turn when Mayor Ángeles Muñoz announced that they will only go ahead if there is a general consensus - which at the moment is not looking likely.

Puerto Banús Marbella 300x225 - There Will Be No Skyscrapers in Marbella Without ConsensusThe final decision will not be taken by the council, but by a board, the ‘Consejo Social de la Ciudad’ with members drawn from local and social organisations, professional bodies and other groups. This board, which is an entity which can be set up in large towns, does not yet exist in Marbella but will be constituted in January.

The mayor emphasized that legally, it is the Town Hall’s prerogative to take the decision, but it will abide by the recommendation of the board.

The modification to the Urban Plan to allow tower blocks to be built in five areas of the municipality of Marbella, at up to 150 metres above sea level received initial approval at the last council meeting.
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