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This impressive home is located in one of the wealthiest cities of Spain: ...continue reading "Exclusive 7 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Las Rozas de Madrid"

The leafy Madrid dormitory town of Pozuelo is Spain’s richest town, while Torrevieja, a run-down resort on the coast of Alicante province, remains the poorest, according to the latest municipal wealth and inequality survey published by the National Statistics Institute (INE).

Torrevieja 300x225 - Torrevieja is been named Spain’s poorest townThe study covers 109 Spanish municipalities throughout Spain, and shows that at €70,298, annual household income in Pozuelo, around 15 kilometers to the northwest of the capital, is five times that of Torrevieja’s €13,977.

Pozuelo is dotted with exclusive gated communities that are home to soccer players and other celebrities. Torrevieja has a significant number of retirees living all year round, many of them from the UK and Germany, and its economy is largely dependent on the summer season.

In general, the north of Madrid is home to the capital’s wealthiest inhabitants: in Majadahonda, ...continue reading "Torrevieja is been named Spain’s poorest town"