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Home Staging techniques to apply to your home

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The Home Staging is a set of different techniques more used when conditioning a house to sell it. These techniques are intended to make our property a product that is much more attractive to the eyes of any interested. Although it is impossible to apply all the techniques to the same house, in this post we detail the main methods with which you will not fail regardless of the type of your home.

There are incompatible Home Staging techniques and others are specific for spaces that are not in all the properties, then we explain the compatible methods between them and that fit any home.

The importance of photographs

To arrange visits, you must first seduce customers, and in that sense, the images play a decisive role. The camera of a medium-high range mobile phone will offer you everything you need to be able to photograph your home in the best way. Take into account all of the above before taking pictures, power the exterior corners of your home in case you have them (balconies, garden or even, the views), put the camera horizontally at eye level and Make several photographs of each room (combine several types of plans, both from the wall and from the corners of the different rooms).

Light the house

The dark spaces frighten the buyers, so open the windows wide, nothing better than sunlight to offer the best side of your home. Take into account the weather forecast, and try to arrange visits on sunny days, those little details that make the difference. Ventilate the house. With opening all the windows of the house for just over 10 minutes before the visit of potential buyers, you will have enough. With this simple trick, you will make the house more welcoming for anyone who sees it for the first time, and an extra detail, make coffee! Its aroma is closely related to the feeling of home that a house can transmit.

No to empty spaces

Furniture is a much more important aspect than it seems. We do not refer to its functional role, but on an aesthetic level, can radically improve the appearance of a room. The empty rooms are not attractive for potential buyers, and with only three or four elements, you can give an unoccupied space a very special touch, such as turning an uninhabited room into an office or living room, but never, under any circumstances. from him, a storage room. Make the furniture fulfil a mission in each room of the house.

photo 1516455590571 18256e5bb9ff 1024x683 - Home Staging techniques to apply to your home

Do not overload the rooms.

Now that you know the importance of occupying an empty space, that does not mean that you saturate, use only the necessary furniture. First of all, it is important that the rooms transmit a clear and spacious feeling.


If there is something capable of seducing the human eye as nothing, it is the order and the symmetry that exists between the elements of the same space. To give you an idea of ​​the importance of the order of furniture in each room. Make them form perpendicular lines between them, and do not forget to save space so that either the living room, the bedroom or the kitchen always convey a welcoming feeling.

Less is more

We must highlight the strengths of your home, and for this it is not necessary to add new elements. If you have a good parquet, do not hide it with a rug. Improve the spaces that need it.

Beware of the colors of the walls

Except for children's rooms, do not experiment with too flashy colors. First of all, they should be neutral and luminous tones. This does not mean that you have to bet everything on white, the palette of colours offered by gray or soft browns are very modern tones and suitable for any space in your home.

Remove any personal items

Especially objects such as pictures or frames with photos, objects of decoration of personal criteria (such as vases, figures, souvenirs, etc.) or clothing. In the event that the clothes are inside the cupboards, have them sorted by colors and typology, and you will give the furniture a feeling of great functionality.

Pets, better outside the house

We know that your dog, cat or hamster is very cute, but it is possible that the future owner of the house does not like animals or is allergic to them. If you do not want to put the operation at risk, have a friend or relative take care of your pet for a few hours and avoid any problems.

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