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New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

Nuevas tendencias para decoracion otono 2020 - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

This autumn we are going to spend more time than ever at home. That's why the decorative trends invite us to make our home a more welcoming, warmer and calm space in every sense. What are the basics lines in decorating this autumn?

Decor Autumn 2020: Trends

The power of plants

Plants bring us closer to that nature we have had so far for months. Furthermore, they generate well-being, provide positive energy and are very decorative. Therefore, decor trends for autumn 2020 make them the protagonists. Small, easy-care plants that we can place in any space.

decoracion plantas - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020


Natural colours are the best choice to dress our home. Along with those shades so autumnal as ocher, others with a warmer hue, such as caramel or olive green, are a trendy feature this year. Blue also prevails but leaving aside the intensity of classic blue, this year's Pantone colour, to make way for a lighter and more relaxing tone.

decoracion azul - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

The Fabrics

Wool will create those warm and comfortable spaces that we look for when temperatures go down. However, this autumn gives way to one of the most elegant fabrics: velvet to cover seats or accessories such as cushions or bedspreads. And a design that returns strongly is the classic Scottish plaid print.

decoracion tejidos - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

The power of curves

One of the styles that emerge strongly is the so-called Grandmillenial. Eclectic and with a very vintage touch, almost everything fits in it, but the main characters are the curves. Sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and accessories lose their straight lines to enfold us and give us a feeling of warmth and tranquillity.

decoracion curvas - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

Warmth also in kitchen and bathroom

Decorative trends offer us a home where you can relax in every way and every space. Therefore, also in the kitchen and bathrooms, there is a preference for natural materials and colours: wood, stone and fibres take centre stage, as does micro cement. Plants might not be forgotten, such as small pots with aromatic plants in the kitchen.

decoracion cocina y bano - New Decor Trends for Autumn 2020

Back to the classics

Decor trends for autumn 2020 also leave room for the most classic. This time, it comes from refinement and the style of Ancient Greece with small touches and objects that evoke it, such as statues, paintings or vases. We can use this elegant trend even in the bathroom.

A style to relax

Slow living is not new, and it also has its place in decoration. A style to make the most of your home this autumn. A place where you can step back from the daily grind and enjoy the little things, removing everything superfluous. The main features are natural colours and materials: white, ocher, untreated wood, wicker, cotton, linen, etc.

In short, decor trends for autumn 2020 seek to create more friendly spaces, comfortable and warm in which to enjoy many hours throughout the day.

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