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Tips for getting your home ready for winter

consejos para poner a punto tu casa para el invierno - Tips for getting your home ready for winter

We recommend getting the house ready for winter for two main reasons: because a warm environment makes it much more comfortable and because heating costs will be less. Therefore, before the coldest months arrive, it is worth taking a little look at the house to see what can be changed and what can be improved.

What should we check?

Maintaining a warm temperature is the key for a home to be comfortable in winter. It involves a high cost, so you should review some elements that may increase the heating bill:

  • Heating: to optimize it, check that the boiler has the correct pressure and clear the radiators to remove any air they may have. If you use diesel or biomass, you must make sure that there is enough fuel.
  • Insulation: poor insulation causes up to 30% of temperature loss, according to the Instituto para la Diversificación y Ahorro de la Energía (IDAE). Check doors and windows to repair any damage that enables the cold to enter the room. It applies to roofs and facades too, although in these cases, poor insulation has a much more complex solution.
  • Downspouts and pipes: clogged downspouts can accumulate water and cause damp or damage if it freezes. In the case of exterior piping, they can burst if they are not protected.

Dressing the house for the cold

Preparing your home for winter also means dressing it the right way:

  • Carpets: they decorate, insulate against the cold and absorb excess humidity so that the cost of heating decreases.
  • Curtains: thick and made of warm materials such as wool or velvet help maintain the temperature indoor. Another solution is the curtains with a double insulating layer. Of course, during the daylight, they should be kept open because the sunshine also warms the environment.
  • Bedding: it is time to take covers, blankets and duvets out of the closet to dress not only the bed but also that sofa where you can enjoy so many hours of relaxation. And keep in mind that dark colours attract more heat.

Time to think about moving

Sometimes getting the home ready for winter is not enough: wrong orientation of the house, poor structural insulation, windows in bad conditions or an outdated heating system mean too much expense to combat the cold.

Therefore, it may be time to consider looking for a new cosier home that makes life in it much more warm and comfortable. It may be a significant investment, but what you get is quality of life.

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