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5 Essential Tips to Get Organised If You Are Looking For a Home to Buy

5 Essential Tips to Get Organised If You Are Looking For a Home to Buy - 5 Essential Tips to Get Organised If You Are Looking For a Home to Buy

Looking for a house to buy is a task that requires time and effort so as not to lose opportunities or money. The idea is to establish a small plan of action, so it will be easier to avoid rushing or making bad decisions. In that sense, some practical recommendations can help.

A 5-Step Plan for Looking for a Home to Buy

1. Set priorities

It is the essential starting point when looking for a house to buy. Firstly, you have to decide the characteristics of the ideal home: a detached house or a flat, size, the number of rooms, etc. Secondly, it is convenient to establish the preferred area or neighbourhood, assessing aspects such as public transport or essential services.

Along with this, it is necessary to assess the financial situation, the possibilities of indebtedness or if you have another property whose sale could help you buy a new one.

2. Analyse the market

The real estate market is very active and undergoes price fluctuations and adjustments. That's why it would be interesting to know its evolution and behaviour in the chosen area before starting to look for a home to buy.

Having reliable information on issues such as the average price per square meter or its changes in recent times allows you to improve your search. In this aspect, offers the possibility of knowing data of interest in the statistics section.

3. Looking for a home to buy: a digital task

New technologies make it much easier to find a home to buy. The available tools allow you to improve your search by specifying your preferences in search engines and property portals.

In the case of, you only have to register to have at your fingertips lists of properties that fit what you are seeking. Besides, you can create alerts, save favourites or receive new properties notifications that may interest you.

These results allow the first selection of properties. The great advantage is that actual visits or negotiations get reduced only to properties that meet your search criteria.

4. Prepare visits

We recommend taking all the time you need when visiting a property. Therefore, schedule it calmly. There are many aspects to check: the general condition of the property, possible damages, location, noises, etc.

Preparing a list with all the issues to check would be very convenient. Do not forget that sometimes photographs don't show the reality of the property. Carrying a tape measure would also be good to verify measurements, especially in unfurnished homes where it is harder to acknowledge sizes.

Finally, if the property passes the first visit successfully, we suggest having a second list referring to expenses or legal issues: IBI, pending apportionments or charger of any kind and community expenses.

5. Compare before you buy

After the previous steps, you'll get a list of properties that fit your search. The last step will be to compare and choose. Take your time, and don't make any decisions on a stressful day. Doubts will arise, and that's when the notes taken during the visits will become relevant. Remember you can always review the online property ad, see the photos or take virtual tours.

Applying these tips will make looking for a home to buy less overwhelming, and it will minimise the risk of a change in market trends. Do not forget that will be available for you to find the house of your dreams.

Find your flat or house in Spain now.

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1 thought on “5 Essential Tips to Get Organised If You Are Looking For a Home to Buy

  1. evelyn rees

    Why doesn´t Spain first organize the country and the law, to get rid off the okupas problem, before you want foreignes to invest in this country?

    You are the only country on the planet, where the government protects the criminal okupas instead of the owners of the property. This is why you have that problem. Inother countries people don´t even undersand what I am talking about, when I tell them, that ownes have to fear that criminals steal the whole property, and that the government allows them to stay because they have a communistic law. But even in communist countries, nobody can steal property.
    The situation in Spain is even more criminal than in the most dangerous South American countries. Nobody occupies houses there.
    I think the only way to be save in Spain that nobody steals your house or apartment is, that you occupy a house or apartment. Then the Spanish law is on your side, and also you don´t need one Euro, and you don´t rsik to lose one Euro. This is how sicks laws work in Spain. And the lazy real estate companies and house owners are not even able to protest against laws like that.
    First buyers , no matter if Spanish or foreign, have to boykott this sick real estate situation and stop to buy. Then the real estate business will have to act and protest. But as long as stupid people buy and accept that everybody can steal their property the real estate agencies don´t see a reason to change something.
    So stop buying property until the Spanish government changes the pro-okupa law!
    It is totally illegal, especially in the EU, that a government protects thiefs and criminals by law.


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