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Selling a Property Fast: Mistakes to Avoid When The Market Is Down

Selling a Property Fast Mistakes to Avoid When The Market Is Down - Selling a Property Fast: Mistakes to Avoid When The Market Is Down

When we expect the cooling of the real estate market, any seller desires to sell their property as soon as possible. But, when negotiating adjustments in the property price, mistakes can be made that have the opposite effect. Choosing a good strategy and avoiding improvisation and haste are crucial to selling a house quickly.

Decisions that do not help to sell a property fast

When there is a change in the market trend, many buyers may decide to wait and see what happens. It means an added obstacle that forces sellers to take action for their properties not to lose interest. But what shouldn't we do if we want to sell a house fast?

1. Overvalue the property

An unrealistic price will make the property uninteresting. The longer it is on the market, the more difficult it will be to sell. The following usual error is to continuously lower the value because it will make the possible interested parties wait for further reductions before deciding.
Actually, a price too high (compared to the area/similar homes), a long listing period, and constant price swings are three signals that will alert buyers they're going to pay too much for a house.

2. Being unaware of the market evolution

It is not necessary to be an expert, but being aware of the behaviour of the real estate market is key to adopting an effective sales strategy. Knowing the short-term forecasts help value a home fairly.

Thus, a bullish market allows us to try and achieve a higher return. However, when the market is down, it is better to forget 'experiments' and value properly to sell a house quickly.

3. Neglecting the online presentation

Housing searches are carried out fundamentally on the Internet. If the image shown is not attractive or the photographs are of low quality, the chances of drawing the attention of potentially interested parties to the property decrease.

Online visits to real estate portals are the first filter to overcome to capture the attention of potential buyers.

4. Lack of cleanliness and order

Only 90 seconds are enough for a buyer to decide whether to take another step in the purchase process or look for another home. The appearance of the property is essential in any visit in person. Dirt, clutter or bad smells cause rejection. The accumulation of belongings can also distract the attention of shoppers.

On the other hand, a neat, tidy home with neutral decoration allows buyers to appreciate the spaces and imagine themselves living there, which is vital to selling it fast.

5. Reject last-minute visits

It is fundamental to be always ready for a visit. Rejecting an unexpected visit or a rescheduled appointment means missing opportunities. The property must always be clean and tidy, and the seller must strive to achieve the objective.

6. Going to inexperienced agents

Getting help from a real estate professional can be decisive. Anyhow, only the most experienced know the evolution and conditions of the market and how to implement the most efficient sales strategies.

If you want to sell your home and need professional advice, at, you'll find more than 3,000 real estate agencies in Spain.

7. Not depersonalizing the home

A house full of personal items can also turn off buyers. They need to visualize the home with their style. Therefore, the more neutral the appearance, the better. We recommend removing any auxiliary furniture and everything personal: photos, memories, etc.

8. Not negotiating or making a difference

In a situation of adjustments in the real estate market, it is a mistake to refuse to make certain concessions that would encourage the sale. Another mistake would be not making the most of the property: a large terrace, high-end appliances, etc. helps you sell fast

If you have a property to sell, avoid these mistakes. Meanwhile, you can reach more potential buyers through the best online platform. has the largest community of foreign buyers in Spain. Add your listing, and start receiving offers. Don't miss out on opportunities!

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