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How to Renovate Your House on a Budget: Transform Your Home and Boost Its Market Value

How to Renovate Your House on a Budget Transform Your Home and Boost Its Market Value - How to Renovate Your House on a Budget: Transform Your Home and Boost Its Market Value

A home has to be attractive to potential buyers to get sold quickly. Making some improvements will help with the sale, besides increasing its market value. Moreover, it is possible to do it with little money. You can renovate your house on a budget, and the revenue will be worthwhile.

According to the Spanish Home Staging Association, improving a property speeds up the sales process more than seven times. Further, the revaluation of the property in the market can reach up to 20%.

How to reform a house with little money

The goal is to achieve a welcoming, modern and cosy appearance for your home. Even old houses can improve their image with a few reforms. Here you have some tips for renovating your house on a budget:

New walls and floors

Painting the walls does not cost much and will offer a clean image. It is convenient to choose neutral colours because they do not cause rejection. If the walls are deteriorated, there are two alternatives: repair them before painting or put wallpaper.

As for the floors, there is a very cheap way to renew them: vinyl tiles. They are economical and easy to put on old flooring because they are self-adhesive.

Bathrooms and kitchens

These are two rooms of enormous importance, and it is also possible to improve them without spending a lot:

• There are specific paints that totally renew the appearance of outdated tiles or furniture.

• Changing the countertop, handles, and faucet will give the kitchen a more modern image.

• We can improve an outdated bathroom with new faucets, fixtures, and a mirror.

• The feeling of cleanliness is essential in these rooms. If the joints are blackened, a new grout should get added.

Carpentry renovation

Although we want to renovate the house with little money, the doors are also essential. If the doors are old but in good condition, we can improve their appearance with lacquer or white paint. The same idea applies to built-in cabinets, although we could use wallpaper or decorative vinyl instead.

Fundamental restorations

Broken tiles, doors or sockets that have come loose or holes in the walls: any visible damage will detract from the property value. It is convenient to repair them before listing the house. It won't usually cost much.

Good lighting

Improving the lighting is one of the easiest ways to improve a house with little money. On the one hand, good lighting creates warmer and more welcoming environments. On the other, it visually enlarges the spaces.

Changing heavy curtains for other lightweight ones that let in natural light and bulbs that provide a warm ambience and illuminate all the essential elements of the home will help buyers perceive it much more positively.

Decorative details

The first thing to consider would be that a furnished home sells better than an empty one. A few simple design pieces of furniture are enough. Additionally, we recommend adding not-too-personal decorative details; for example, plants and cushions on sofas and beds.

These ideas to renovate your house on a budget work and will help you sell faster and in better conditions. helps you too. Advertise your property on the portal and start reaching potential buyers internationally.

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