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Buying a Country House in Spain: a Guide to Finding your Ideal Place Close to Nature

Buying a Country House in Spain a Guide to Finding your Ideal Place Close to Nature - Buying a Country House in Spain: a Guide to Finding your Ideal Place Close to Nature

Spain has many idyllic towns along the coast and also lots of inland paradises. These small towns are perfect for unwinding or for working from home surrounded by nature, or even as an investment thinking of holiday rental.

Buying a country house in Spain has the added advantage of enjoying a healthier lifestyle away from the stress and pollution of the cities. Furthermore, in rural areas, housing prices are usually more affordable and less fluctuating. However, before making the decision, it is worth considering some aspects.

Keys to buy a country house in Spain according to its purpose

Depending on the intention we have with the property, the choice will be very different:

• If you're looking for your habitual residence, we recommend checking whether the area has all the daily services you may need for a comfortable life. The internet connection will be crucial, especially if you're to work from home.

• For a second residence, it will be necessary to have a financial cushion. Although buying a country house in Spain is cheaper, if you have to ask for a mortgage, banks are usually more demanding than for a first residence.

• If the goal is to obtain profitability by renting the property, you should consider whether the area features leisure and outdoor activities and a good transport connection. In any case, the town and its surroundings must be beautiful.

Essential checks before the acquisition

Once you have found your dream country house or the ideal land to build it, it is convenient to do some preliminary checks:

Deeds: essential to finalize the buying process. We recommend verifying that the number of square metres is authentic. The way to do it is to review the information from the Cadastre.

Property Registry: the fact that the house or land is registered is a guarantee that it is a legal construction. Also, it confirms the identity of the owner. Besides, it lets us know if the property has any charge or debt.

In the case of land, check its qualification: if the intention is to build, it must be urban land or, at least, developable. It is possible to get this information from the City Council or the autonomous community.

Access and supplies: these are key to habitability. Therefore, before buying a country house in Spain, it is advisable to check the access is adequate and water and electricity supplies are available.

Legal regulations: regions and city councils have different specifications we should know before purchasing a rustic property to build.

Moreover, when buying a country house, we suggest learning the taxes it implies. If it is a new development, the buyer must pay VAT (10%) and the Tax on Documented Legal Acts (IAJD), which varies according to communities. If it is a second-hand property, you only have to pay the Property Transfer Tax (ITP), which can also vary depending on the location.

Have you considered buying a country house in Spain? It is a good decision and, undoubtedly, the offer is immense. You can find it on Your dream home in the country is closer than you think. Start your search now.

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