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Property For Sale By Owner or With a Real Estate Agency?

Property For Sale By Owner or With a Real Estate Agency - Property For Sale By Owner or With a Real Estate Agency?

Selling a home with a real estate agency or doing it on your own is the first question when you decide to put a property up for sale. Both possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages. Knowing them will allow you to make the best decision.

However, your choice can also depend on other issues: whether it is necessary to sell the property quickly, knowledge of the buying and selling process or the time available to advertise the home and respond to potential buyers.

When is it better to sell a home with the help of a real estate agency?

Selling the property with a real estate agency allows you to ignore the entire sales process. That is the main advantage of leaving everything in the hands of professionals, but not the only one:

• Agents know the market and can advise an adjusted price that helps you sell quickly without losing profits.
They take care of everything: advertising the property, showing the home to potential buyers, negotiating with them and carrying out all the necessary procedures.
They provide advice in case of particular circumstances, such as inheritances or separations, so that the stress of the sale is significantly relaxed.
• In many cases, they have contacts with investors, which can significantly speed up the sale.

Disadvantages of selling a property with a real estate agency

The biggest drawback of selling a home with a real estate agency is that this intermediation work has a cost that can vary between 3% and 7% of the sales price.

In addition, you must consider the type of contract signed with the real estate agency. It may be exclusive or not.

When exclusivity, the agency will dedicate more effort to the sale. Nevertheless, it won't be possible to seek buyers by other means.
When there is no exclusivity, the agency will not use all its available resources because the investment does not guarantee getting the commission. That's because, eventually, another real estate agency may manage to sell the property.

When would be convenient to sell a property on your own?

Selling a property without the help of a professional, taking on all the steps, requires time, but it also has advantages:

There is no commission to pay, which means a higher profit on the sale.
• You have absolute control of the entire sales process.
It is easy to advertise the property for free on large portals that can reach an international audience. is one of those portals with high international reach. In fact, the website registers more than 25,000 visits daily, and 70% are of international origin, mostly from European countries. Undoubtedly, it's a magnificent showcase for your property.

Disadvantages of selling a property by yourself

Venturing into selling on your own also has associated risks. The most common is not to choose a tight sales price. The time it takes to deal with potential buyers and the lack of knowledge of how to proceed at each step are two added inconveniences. helps you sell your property

If you want to sell a property with a real estate agency, you'll find the best professionals in your area at Specialized real estate agencies will make the entire sales process very comfortable. That way, you won't have to worry about a thing.

If you prefer the sell-by-owner model, you can post your ad for free and reach an international audience. Make the most of all the advantages offers you to sell quickly and correctly.

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