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Selling a Property in 2024: What You Need for the Sale of Your Home

Selling a Property in 2024 What You Need for the Sale of Your Home - Selling a Property in 2024: What You Need for the Sale of Your Home

Forecasts indicate that demand will continue to be higher than supply in the real estate market. This situation favours the seller. However, to sell a property in 2024 quickly and in the best conditions, it is essential to keep some fundamental aspects in mind.

How to prepare to sell a house in 2024

The sales process involves a certain complexity and some associated expenses. What should those who want to sell a house in 2024 consider?

Documents for sale

It is necessary to have them ready. Otherwise, the sales process could get delayed:

• Simple note from the Property Registry, which is not mandatory but advisable.
Deed or title of property of the property.
• Certificate of habitability. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory in all autonomous communities.
• Last receipt of the Real Estate Tax (IBI).
• Certificate of the Technical Building Inspection (ITE) if it is of a certain age.
• Document proving that you are up to date with payment of community fees.
• Latest invoices for basic supplies.
• If there is an outstanding mortgage, bank certificate.

Costs associated with the sale of a home

Selling a house entails not only benefits but also some expenses we should calculate before putting the home up for sale on the market:

• Simple note: its cost does not reach 10 euros.
Energy certificate: on average, it costs around 100 euros.
• Certificate of habitability: its cost is about 100 euros.
Real estate fees: if we hire professional services, there'll be a commission. It starts at 2% and can reach 7% of the sale price.
Municipal capital gains: will depend on the time elapsed from the property purchase and its subsequent sale.
• Mortgage cancellation: can vary between 100 and 1,000 euros.
Personal income tax: the capital gain obtained is taxed the year following the sale.

Setting up the home

If you want to sell a house in 2024 and obtain the highest profit, the starting point is a market-adjusted sales price. Besides, it's essential to make the home as attractive as possible. As well known as home staging, which includes a whole series of issues:

Depersonalize the house: remove overly personal objects, such as photographs or souvenirs. A neutral decoration makes it easier for the potential buyer to imagine the house meeting their style.
Free up space: removing auxiliary furniture helps to gain visual breadth. On the contrary, if the home is empty, it is advisable to furnish it with some pieces.
Small repairs: blackened paint, dripping faucets or scratched doors detract from the property value. Therefore, it is advisable to undertake simple reforms to increase the property value.
Order and cleanliness: crucial to provide a positive first impression of the property.

Advertising and sale of the property

Additionally, to sell a property, we must not forget everything related to advertising and the sale process. In this section, we must consider everything from photographs and videos to promote on real estate portals and social networks to the professionals we choose to be in charge of the whole sale process.

If you plan to sell a house in 2024, helps you achieve it in the best conditions. You can publish your ad for free on our website or find the best professionals in your area. You choose the next step.

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