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Selling a Flat Fast: Effective Tips for a Quick Sale

Selling a Flat Fast Effective Tips for a Quick Sale - Selling a Flat Fast: Effective Tips for a Quick Sale

Selling a flat quickly and without losing money is the wish of any owner who lists their home for sale. Even in uncertain times, it's possible to achieve it thanks to some simple but very effective strategies.

How to sell a flat quickly

An apartment can sell in weeks or remain stuck on the market for months. The price is decisive, but it is not the only factor that influences when it comes to speeding up the sale. What to do about it?

Prepare the property for the market

The first impression is essential. That is why we should make the home attractive to any potential client. That is the goal of home staging. What does it consist of?

Depersonalize the home: store objects such as photos, travel souvenirs, etc. Instead, you can place some simple decorative elements or plants.

Give visual spaciousness to the rooms: remove auxiliary furniture, paint the walls in neutral and light colours and enhance lighting.

Repair visible damage and clean thoroughly.

With these strategies, not only can you sell a flat faster, but it also increases the value.

Set a fair price

To sell a home quickly, it is not necessary to lower its price but rather to mark one that adapts to the reality of the market, leaving sentimental issues aside. To decide that realistic price, it is possible to perform several actions:

Investigate the price of similar homesin the same area in real estate agencies and portals.

Make a free assessment through an online tool.

Request an appraisal from a real estate agent or have an official appraisal done, although there is a cost.

If you need to sell, you can go to iBuyers, companies and professionals who buy homes immediately, in exchange for lowering the price.

Prepare the documentation

The sale of a property requires some fundamental documents. Having them ready can speed up the buying and selling process.

Simple note from the Property Registry.

• Energy certificate.

• Certificate of habitability, although only in some communities.


• Certificate from the Technical Building Inspection (ITE).

• Community statutes.

• Certificate of zero debt with the community.

• Proof of the last IBI payment.

• Utility bills.

Advertising the property

Giving visibility to the home is essential. All the details count, but there are some key aspects:

Select which portals to advertise on. Not all the portals have the same reach, nor are they aimed at the same target audience.

Take care of the details of the advertising, from the quality of the photographs to the descriptions of the home.

• Include plans or virtual tours.

Facilitate in-person visits and highlight strengths.


In many cases, it is necessary to negotiate. It does not mean accepting any proposal that includes a significant price reduction. It means marking some red lines that give some room for negotiation, preparing all the documentation that justifies the price and being willing to give in to a reasonable approach. helps you speed up the sale

With, it is easier to sell a home quickly. You can list your property for free on an international portal. If you prefer, you can contact the best professionals in your area. And if you have doubts regarding the price, you can do a first analysis in our statistics section. These are the tools you need to sell faster than you imagine.

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