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Limits to Rental Prices in 2023 Whats New and How It Can Affect You - Limits to Rental Prices in 2023: What's New, and How It Can Affect You

The inflation registered in 2022 has impacted the real estate market too. Rental prices, especially in large cities, have increased considerably, sometimes even well above the CPI. In fact, the CPI was the basis for price updates until now when some limits got approved.

This extraordinary measure, initially planned until June 30, 2022, and extended until last December, set a limit of 2% in the annual review of the rents of the rental contracts in force. The goal was to relieve the effects of applying an unusually high CPI in rental renovations. Recently, the government has extended this measure until the end of 2023.

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Home owners question advantages of new legalisation in Estepona, Andalucia

Andalucia - Andalucia to Change Property LegislationWe're going local. Estepona, a Costa del Sol city in which many non-native Spanish live, faces a dramatic change in legislation that will alter property contracts in this location. As it is published in Sur (local newspaper):

"The decree, which affects all of Andalucía, aims to legalise many of the buildings constructed on rural land. Nevertheless this still leaves a large number of properties that for one reason or another will not qualify for the legalisation process.

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