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How to Transform Commercial Space into a Home What Steps to Take for a Change of Use - How to Transform Commercial Space into a Home: What Steps to Take for a Change of Use

Transforming premises into housing has been an upward trend lately due to the lack of housing stock in some areas and the little offer of more affordable homes.

Commercial premises at street level, offices and even small warehouses are thus changing their use to become homes, in some cases even luxurious. However, to change the use of a property, it is essential to follow a series of steps.

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photo 1521020773588 3b28297b1e70 - Business in Málaga, a good opportunity

Malaga is a good city for business. Whether we look inside or we do in the province we see many opportunities in which we can enjoy many advantages when it comes to riding something. In this article, we show you the business premises available in Malaga so that you can get the most out of them. Have you ever considered putting something here? ...continue reading "Business in Málaga, a good opportunity"

The ultimate expression of luxury in Malaga province is showcased on the Muelle de Ribera in Puerto Banús. Decades ago, this became the epicentre of the most exclusive Puerto Banús Marbella 2 300x225 - Puerto Banús, the sixth most expensive shopping street in Spainboutiques and now this street which runs alongside the Mediterranean and is lined by designer fashion stores, is the sixth most expensive shopping street in Spain.

Purchasing in these shops is something only the wealthy can do, and the same goes for setting up a business opposite the yachts: the price per square metre to rent a shop in this prestigious street is 2,280 euros.

This information is included in an annual report on the fashion business which is produced by the Asociación Empresarial del Comercio Textil y Complementos (Acotex), and it shows that rental prices slightly increased last year, from 2,160 euros in 2014.
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Marbella sees an increase in applications for opening licences

marbella - Commercial activity grows in MarbellaAccording to an article published in Sur In, a total of 88 applicantions for opening licences were processed in Marbella between December 2011 and January 2012, 70 per cent were for new premises and the remaninder for businesses which had undergone a change in ownership. This shows that, in spite of the economical crisis, Marbella is still a safe value.

This figure is 50 per cent higher than in the same period of the previous year, the Town Hall’s Commerce department confirmed. “What this reveals is that the small business sector remains active in Marbella. Even though many businesses have been forced to cease trading, almost immediately another one opens up, either in the same premises or somewhere else", says the councillor José Eduardo Díaz.

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