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modelo casa llave monedas apiladas blueprint 23 2147863917 - What to do to collect what the delinquent tenants owe and evict them?

Three out of four owners fear to have to face a case of delinquency in the rental of their homes, according to the report by File of Tenant Tenants (FIM). According to this study, which argues that incidents due to late payments in rent have grown by 6.42% during the first five months of the year, 59% of the owners try to find out if tenants who have been interested in their property have a history of delinquency. But how to act before a possible case of a delinquent tenant. What should be done to try to recover the money owed and be able to evict it from the home?

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Six out of every 10 evictions in the Spanish capital are taking place in public housing units that have been sold over recent years by the Madrid regional government and City madrid 300x200 - 60% of Madrid evictions are from public flats sold to investment fundsHall to investment funds, according to data included in a report from the Treasury Ministry.

According to the data in the ministry report, of the 111 eviction cases registered between February and June of this year, 65 were in houses that had been sold by Madrid administrations.

Between February and June, the report states, there were 50 evictions that took place in properties sold by the Municipal Company for Housing and Land (EMVS) to an investment fund. Another five evictions took place in flats sold by the Madrid Housing Institute (Ivima) to another fund; and 10 more were related to housing from the EMVS and Ivima. In total, 65 of 111.

In terms of evictions carried out by banks, the report registers 17, which works out at 15%, while another 29 evictions were brought about by private landlords. There were also 73 evictions from illegally occupied properties.
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Around 36 percent of homes being sold by Catalan lenders to real estate firms and investment funds have a tenant inside, according to sources from the Catalonia regional catalonia 300x225 - Banks are selling off repossessed homes with tenants insidegovernment.

The properties in question have all been repossessed by banks from borrowers in default, who then cut a deal with the bank: by turning in the keys, the home reverted to the lender, the mortgage was canceled, and the homeowners became tenants instead.

But now, Catalan authorities fear that those families may end up being evicted by the new owners of the properties.

To stop this from happening, the regional government is considering purchasing a portfolio of homes in partnership with the municipalities where the 774 families affected by the problem have their main residence.
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Spanish lenders repossessed 49,694 homes from defaulting borrowers in 2013, a 10% rise from a year earlier, figures released on May 19th by the Bank of Spain show.

apartments in Costa del Sol 300x199 - Spanish Lenders Took Back Nearly 50,000 Properties in 2013Of these, 38,961 were first residences, according to statistics provided by the banks.

The vast majority of properties were empty at the time of repossession.

Meanwhile, the proportion of cases involving dation in payment, in which borrowers in arrears hand over the keys of the property to the lender that approved the mortgage to cancel debt obligations, reached 32.5% of all repossessed homes.

This represents a rise from 2012, reflecting the introduction of new legislation to make this option easier. Borrowers have mostly opted for key return in the case of holiday homes, not primary residences.
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The number of court-ordered home evictions for non-payment of mortgages, rent or other legal reasons reached 67,189 last year, according to judicial statistics released on Friday.

46353 1285272 foto 1 300x201 - Home evictions averaged 184 a day in Spain last yearThe number of open cases – pending eviction requests – stood at 82,860, which is 9.8 percent fewer than the previous year, said the General Council of Judiciary (CGPJ) legal watchdog in its annual report.

Of the total number, 38 percent were due to non-payment of mortgages while 57 percent were for non-payment of rent. Another four percent were for other causes. The figures reflect an average of around 184 evictions per day in 2013.

A breakdown by regions shows that Catalonia had the most evictions last year (23.8 percent) followed by Valencia, Andalusia and Madrid.
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