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10 Priorities for Homebuyers in Spring

10 Priorities for Homebuyers in Spring - 10 Priorities for Homebuyers in Spring

When temperatures rise, the real estate market reactivates. In fact, we can see it in the statistics. Those responsible are, on the one hand, buyers looking for a second home. On the other, those who want a new home for the start of the school year.

Anticipating what homebuyers in spring are searching for is essential to selling earlier and in better conditions. Sometimes it is about improving. While in others, it's about enhancing the strengths of the house.

We've rounded up those preferences below and explain why they're often on the priority list for buyers coming onto the market this time of year. Take note.

What home buyers are looking for in spring

Some spring homebuyer priorities are related to lifestyle, others to efficiency, location or amenities. These are the main ones:

1. Garden or terrace

Many spring homebuyers want to enjoy the outdoors in the warmer months. That is why they prefer homes with a garden or terrace. They do not necessarily have to be spacious, but they do have to be well-maintained.

2. Energy efficiency

It is an increasingly common requirement among buyers. They look for homes with good insulation to save on electricity. They also consider aspects such as the orientation or efficiency of air conditioning systems.

3. Proximity to green and leisure areas

Home buyers in spring prefer properties that allow them to be in contact with nature and practice outdoor sports. The proximity to parks, natural spaces, or sports facilities is a plus.

4. Storage space

Spring is synonymous with cleaning and reorganizing the home. Therefore, another of the buyers' choice criteria is storage space. Specifically in the form of built-in wardrobes or storage rooms. And if there is the possibility of creating a dressing room, even better.

5. Location and public transport

Home buyers in spring, especially if they are looking for their habitual residence, value location and its connections. The goal is to save time in commuting.

6. Natural lighting

Light is a fundamental factor when choosing a home. Buyers prefer bright houses with large windows. And it is even more relevant in spring when the days are longer and more luminous.

7. Updated kitchens and bathrooms

Not everyone is willing to put up with the inconvenience that reforms bring. For this reason, another of the selection criteria for buyers in the spring is that the homes have updated kitchens and bathrooms.

8. Security

Buyers usually prefer homes equipped with security systems such as alarms and surveillance cameras in the case of single-family homes and automatic or physical intercoms in high-rise homes.

9. Quiet areas

Spring means outdoor activities that can generate annoying noises. For this reason, buyers pay more attention to properties located in quiet areas or very well acoustically insulated.

10. Additional features

Home buyers in spring also appreciate home features that allow them to fully enjoy the warm temperatures: swimming pools, a vegetable garden, a barbecue area, etc. helps you to sell or buy

If you want to sell a property, it is time to improve its appearance to make it more attractive. Then, you can post your ad on and reach thousands of potential buyers.

And, if you're one of those spring home buyers, go to and find your dream home within the broad offer available.

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