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How to Improve Your Home Valuation Before Selling It in Spain

How to Improve Your Home Valuation Before Selling It in Spain - How to Improve Your Home Valuation Before Selling It in Spain

Selling quickly and with the maximum benefit are the main goals of any owner who lists a property. Location and price are essential elements in achieving this. However, there are always some tips that can help improve your home valuation and don't necessarily imply a significant investment.

How to improve the valuation of a home

Some market studies suggest that a renovated home can increase its value by more than 20%. But what reforms can be carried out to increase the valuation of a property?

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation

These spaces tend to attract the most attention; therefore, we should keep them as best as possible. In the bathrooms, changing the bathtub for a shower, replacing the old faucets or putting in a new cabinet and mirror helps to renew their image. Regarding the kitchen, we could update the countertop, furniture handles and taps.

If the tiles are out of fashion, it is possible to replace them. On the other hand, we could opt for painting or covering them with vinyl tiles, which can also get set on the floor.

Open spaces

Especially in little homes, removing partitions is an effective way to improve their appearance. Joining the kitchen and dining room, making a large room out of two small ones or eliminating corridors helps to enlarge the spaces visually and gain light, issues that buyers tend to value highly.

Renew floors and paint

Well-kept floors and paint are crucial to provide a good impression and revalue a house. Clean walls, painted in neutral and light colours, help create cosy and pleasant environments.

As for the floors, if they are outdated or in poor condition, it is best to change them. Vinyl tile is inexpensive, and there is a wide variety of patterns.

Improve energy efficiency

Due to greater environmental awareness and to save on the electricity bill, we are increasingly considering these aspects. In that sense, a possible change is the windows. If the ones in the house are outdated, we should replace them. Also, we could get a new boiler.

Other improvements we could make

Beyond those reforms, other changes also help increase the valuation of a house. Basically, we could renew the decoration with some home staging tips:

Remove old furniture: the purpose is for the home to have updated furnishings with a simple design.
Furniture, just enough: an excess of furniture is overwhelming while decreasing the feeling of spaciousness.
Remove personal objects or objects that are too conspicuous: it is convenient for the decoration to be as neutral and depersonalized as possible. It is the way that potential buyers can imagine living in the property.
Take care of lighting: light provides a sensation of space and makes them appear warmer and more welcoming. Letting in natural light is an important tip. Also, enhancing the strengths of the home with good lighting.
Cleanliness: essential to give a good impression. helps you sell your home

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