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10 Tips to Sell a House for a Higher Price

10 Tips to Sell a House for a Higher Price - 10 Tips to Sell a House for a Higher Price

Selling a house for a higher price is a reasonable aspiration. It is possible, but it is not about artificially raising the price but about taking measures to make the property more attractive, achieving greater dissemination and accelerating the process.

How to sell a house for more money

Even in a situation of high interest rates and some uncertainty, it is possible to shorten sales times and, in addition, obtain the maximum profit.

1. Invest in renovations

The first impression is essential. Therefore, we recommend improving the appearance of the home: fixing defects, a coat of paint, renovating the bathroom and kitchen, tidying up the garden, etc. With this, it is possible to increase the price of the house by up to 20%.

2. Prepare the home for sale

Home staging is the key. A neutral but careful decoration, without excessive furniture or personal objects, also helps sell a house for more money. Additionally, it will be more interesting for all types of buyers.

3. Professional photographs

Quality images increase the attractiveness of the property and allow it to enhance its strengths. In this way, it'll be possible to draw the attention of more potential buyers, increase visits and obtain a greater profit from the sale.

4. Tidiness and cleanliness

An unclean image of the home can ruin any other action aimed at revaluing it. Therefore, before any visit, it's better to ventilate and clean if it is unoccupied and tidy up if you live in it.

5. Energy efficiency

Issues such as insulation or self-consumption systems help increase the price of a property. For that reason, we recommend applying for the aids that public administrations grant to improve energy efficiency: changing windows, boilers, appliances, etc.

6. Set a fair sales price

It's easy to get carried away with emotions andset an unrealistic price. However, if it is too high, it will be more difficult to sell. The idea is to set a price that suits the market. Besides, economic circumstances may change, which could force housing prices to be lowered more than expected.

7. Get ready all the documentation

It is important to be prepared to sell a home. A delay in the sale process can ruin it and cause you to lose money. For this reason, you must have all the paperwork ready to act immediately if a buyer appears interested in the home.

8. Be open to negotiating

Being open to negotiation does not mean losing money, on the contrary. The idea is to mark a red line that allows you to have room to deal. This will speed up the sale, with the advantages that it implies.

9. Count on real estate agents

Professionals know the market, its evolution and prospects, marketing techniques and what potential buyers are looking for. It is good thinking to trust them if you want to sell your home for a higher price.

10. Marketing

Visibility is fundamental to selling. Traditional advertising, social networks and real estate portals are key to achieving the greatest possible reach.

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Don't miss any opportunity, trust to sell quickly and well.

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