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Compras o vendes Factores que influyen en el precio de venta de una casa - Buying or Selling? Factors that influence a Home's Sale Price

One of the key points in real estate buying and selling processes is determining a house's sale price. Starting from an unrealistic price, whether on the part of the seller or the buyer, can entail financial losses or make it impossible to complete the process in an acceptable amount of time. Therefore, an appropriate valuation is necessary.

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Pareado con terrazas espectaculares en la Costa del Sol - Duplex with spectacular terraces on the Costa del Sol

Today we present to you an exceptional duplex on a 236 m2 plot for sale on the Riviera del Sol. Its spacious terraces, porch, barbecue, and private garden allow you to enjoy Málaga's sun, fresh air, and views all from the peace of your home.

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se mantienen los precios de la vivienda durante la crisis sanitaria 1 - Home prices remain stable during the health crisis

The health crisis and paralysation of the economy led to predictions of a dark future for the real estate sector. However, it seems that in some aspects, it is one of the few that is weathering the crisis, at least for the moment. While awaiting what may happen in a few months, the real estate market is experiencing a period of calm and home prices have not seen any big variations during the health crisis.