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Consejos para comprar vivienda para alquilar y acertar con la operacion - Tips for Buying a Rental Property and Getting the Deal Right

In difficult times, the real estate market gets usually considered a safe-haven asset because it represents a less volatile investment than others. However, more and more people are considering buying a home to rent as an alternative to traditional forms of investing, seeking an attractive return both in the short and long term.

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Barcelona 1 e1499160598617 - A new real estate boom: the rental market

The Spanish real estate market is experiencing a new boom, this time in the rental sector. The average rent for new leases has risen ...continue reading "A new real estate boom: the rental market"

Barcelona Spain e1494850063767 - Faced with soaring rents, Barcelona tenants unite to create a “union”

The initiative draws from the tenant unions already in existence in other European countries. In Barcelona, ...continue reading "Faced with soaring rents, Barcelona tenants unite to create a “union”"

Property pundits have been concerned that sales of newly built Spanish homes appear to be low, contradicting the notion that a solid recovery is in full swing. In fact all the evidence shows the new house for sale in Las Palmas 300x200 - Sun Shining on Spanish Property Salesdevelopments from Madrid to Alicante, and from Marbella to Mallorca are selling very well.

So why isn’t this translating into official figures? The reason is that home sales won’t be entered into the property register until they are fully built and have habitation certificates, meaning we can take these seemingly low sales figures with a pinch of salt.

On to the wider sales market, which includes second-hand homes, and the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics show strong growth across key regions including the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Murcia, Balearic Islands, and the cosmopolitan centres of Madrid and Barcelona.
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This summer the cost of holiday rentals in Marbella has remained the same as last year, in the luxury sector as well as for standard properties. The town has not been affected by the fierce price war which has affected other tourist areas of the province, where the cost of holiday rentals has dropped by up to 20 per cent compared with the summer of 2012.

2426537 938650 foto16716083 300x225 - Marbella’s summer rental prices remain unchangedEstate agents in the Marbella area confirm that prices have remained at the same level, although they point out that the demand differs according to the target market. The most fortunate property owners are those who attract clients from Eastern Europe. Travellers who come from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries from the former Soviet Union are the most popular this year because they rent the most attractive properties. In fact, they are able to pay an average of between 3,000 and 5,000 euros per week for a villa.

Spanish clients, on the other hand, are very cautious about the price they pay for a holiday rental. The average price a Spanish family is willing to pay, normally for a fortnight, is about 2,000 euros. This is a similar figure to that of last year.
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