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Cambios fiscales en la vivienda como afecta a la compraventa y alquiler de inmuebles - Tax changes in housing: how it affects the sale and rental of real estate

Law on prevention and fight against tax fraud recently approved in Spain has introduced highly relevant tax changes in housing. These changes can have a direct impact on aspects related to both property sales and rentals. Here you have all the info about it.

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El ahorro de los espanoles en pandemia consejos para evitar perdidas a largo plazo - Spaniards' savings in pandemic: tips to avoid long-term losses

2020 has been a tough year at all levels. The world economy, and also the domestic ones, have suffered the consequences of the health crisis. However, the savings of Spaniards in the pandemic have been higher than in the immediately previous months.

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Property pundits have been concerned that sales of newly built Spanish homes appear to be low, contradicting the notion that a solid recovery is in full swing. In fact all the evidence shows the new house for sale in Las Palmas 300x200 - Sun Shining on Spanish Property Salesdevelopments from Madrid to Alicante, and from Marbella to Mallorca are selling very well.

So why isn’t this translating into official figures? The reason is that home sales won’t be entered into the property register until they are fully built and have habitation certificates, meaning we can take these seemingly low sales figures with a pinch of salt.

On to the wider sales market, which includes second-hand homes, and the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics show strong growth across key regions including the Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol, Murcia, Balearic Islands, and the cosmopolitan centres of Madrid and Barcelona.
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Benalmádena, Málaga, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 234 sqm, Swimming-pool, Seaside Resort, €510,000

1. Duplex for sale in Benalmádena Málaga - Duplex for sale in Benalmádena, Málaga
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Figures published by the Spanish Statistics Institute (INE) confirm that market recovery is well under way and that sales activity now lies at levels on a par with those at the start of the crisis.

Málaga Andalucía 300x196 - Property sales in Málaga reached in 2015 their highest level since 2008In Málaga province last year, 24,705 properties were sold, the highest figure since 2008. 2015 saw an increase of 11 per cent in sales and was the third consecutive year of growth. The Málaga property market has been growing since 2013 while national and regional recuperation did not start until 2014.

The rise of 11 per cent for last year in Málaga does, however, mark a slight slow down in recovery when compared to the 14 per cent growth in 2014. But experts point out that this is because high increases are easier when initial figures are very low.
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