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Tips to Increase The Sale Value of a House: Renovations According to Your Budget

Tips to Increase The Sale Value of a House Renovations According to Your Budget - Tips to Increase The Sale Value of a House: Renovations According to Your Budget

It is possible to increase the sale value of a house by over 10% with few renovations. And that percentage can be higher if the budget to renovate the home increases. We must not forget that the first impression is essential to awakening a potential buyer's interest. A minute and a half is enough for them to make a decision.

Not all reforms cost the same or have the same effect. The most important thing is to set a budget and analyze what you can do with it. And it's much easier than you sometimes think.

How to increase the sale value of a house on a tight budget

The two rooms that get the most attention are the kitchen and the bathroom. Therefore, they are the ones you have to pay attention to first. And it is possible to renew its appearance with a very tight budget, less than €500:

• In the kitchen, that money allows you to paint the tiles or furniture to update its style. Another option is to put in a backsplash and change handles, countertop and faucet.
• In the bathroom, you can paint the tiles and put vinyl flooring. Another alternative, if they are not in poor condition or out of fashion, is to renew the furniture and the mirror. If the bathroom is small or dark, we recommend better light colours and a large mirror.

Another small renovation that gives good results is improving the appearance of the terrace. A coat of paint, a new floor and some decorative elements besides plants will make it much more pleasant and increase interest in the property.

Renovations with a budget of up to €2,000

If you have a bigger budget for renovations, the possibilities will multiply. As a result, the sale value of the house will rise:

Paint: a coat of paint will make the home look cleaner and brighter. Regarding colours, we recommend neutral and light hues to enhance luminosity and spaciousness.
Floors: in a medium-sized home, it'll be possible to renew the floors with a small investment. The key is vinyl floors, which do not require work and perfectly imitate countless materials.
Doors: by opting for economical models, it is possible to change all the doors in a house for less than €2,000.
Kitchen: with that budget, you would replace the cabinet doors, countertop and faucet.
Home staging: improve the whole appearance of the home by adapting furniture and decoration by making little improvements.

Significant reforms to increase the sale value of a house

If the budget is not a problem, it is advisable to invest something more. In fact, with in-depth renovations, you can increase the sale value of a house by over 20%. What could we do?

• Full renovations of bathroom and kitchen.
Opening spaces to provide more room, connected living rooms and kitchens are a trend.
Improve insulation. As a result, energy efficiency will improve too. Injecting insulating materials into the walls or changing the windows are two possibilities.

If you want to sell a home, remember that you will more than recover any investment in improvements. In addition, helps you reach more buyers since you can post your ad for free on our platform. Also, you can contact the best real estate professionals in your area. You will sell fast, and you will sell well.

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