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Are you looking for a cute and cosy studio to start a new life with your partner? If you want to find out an apartment in Málaga, Andalusia, we share with you the cheapest studios to rent on the Mediterranean coast. ...continue reading "Cute and cheap studios to rent in Costa del Sol, perfect for couples"

The real estate market has a great profitability for long-term investment, especially if we are talking about homes for rent, but if we want to get a good investment we must take into several parameters, such as location, market demand, price ... etc. Today we are going to focus on the neighbourhoods of the Spanish capital to study which are the key sites to invest correctly. ...continue reading "Key areas to invest successfully in a house in Madrid"

In August, they went up by 10% in the year. This was the third consecutive month of double-digit rises and the 30th month in a row of increases. ...continue reading "Average rental prices in Spain just keep going up"


Over the last year, foreigners bought more houses in Spain than ever before. In particular, international investors adquired about 48.000 houses, an increase more than 13% of total sales. ...continue reading "Foreigners buy more houses in Spain"


1. Terraced chalet to rent in Alcaidesa: 500m away from the beach, on golf course, 2 floors, 170 m2, plot: 250 m2, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, furnished

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