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brexit 2123573 960 720 4 - Consequences of a hard Brexit in the Spanish real estate market

The foreign buyer is one of the most important profiles of the Spanish residential real estate sector. His predilection for our country translates into a level of transactions that contributes to the dynamism of the housing market. The nationality that always leads to foreign operations is British. According to the College of Registrars, the British were behind 13.31% of total real estate purchases from foreigners in the second quarter of 2019. This percentage is the lowest in the historical series. In this post, we detail some of the consequences that could occur from producing a hard Brexit.

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brexit 2123573 960 720 3 - Property transactions slide amid ongoing Brexit uncertainty

Homes in London are becoming more affordable, although buyers may not have noticed, according to Zoopla.

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brexit 2123573 960 720 2 - The British return to buy house in Spain, but second hand

The real problem of the promoters in Spain is not so much the impact of Brexit on the number of homes sold to British, but the change of preferences in that market. After the small slump registered in 2017, following the referendum that approved the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union, the truth is that the purchase of homes by British citizens in our country has recovered the levels in which it was in the stage prior to Brexit.

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flag 3370970 960 720 - Real estate trends in Europe for 2019

The consultant PwC and Land Urban Institute have published the report trends of the real estate market in Europe for 2019. The investors surveyed believe that 2019 will begin to have a certain slowdown in real estate investment. The Brexit is one of the main reasons.

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brexit 2123573 960 720 - Brexit transition and residency in Spain

The Brexit transition period agreed in March gives British expatriates and those wishing to move to Spain more time to prepare.  This was welcome news, but a small delay like this could slow people down in taking crucial actions that are fairly urgent - the clock is still ticking to get ready in time, particularly where paperwork is involved.   ...continue reading "Brexit transition and residency in Spain"