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photo 1535911058472 d2c09cc6dc6c 1024x727 - Terrace awnings: everything you need to know to choose it

An awning is a basic terraces and gardens during the summer. Here you have everything you need to know before choosing yours, from how much it costs up if you must ask the neighborhood community

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comedor con mesa redonda aparador decapado y sillas de ratan  00464934 cc2be59f 746x1024 - Shabby Chic: Discover this decorative style and the keys to adapt it at home


Sweet, feminine, luminous, personal, delicate, romantic, vintage ... Choosing the Shabby Chic style for your home is betting on elegance, warmth and femininity with that touch of the past as if it were a beautiful heritage. Because shabby means wore away by the passage of time. And this trend is committed to giving those old elements a more sophisticated and refined air, hence the word chic. With these qualifiers, who resists the shabby chic style? Discover your keys and be captivated

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books 1416902 960 720 - A corner of relax at home where less you imagine

One of the most frequent problems in our homes is the lack of space. At the moment of distributing a house many times "dead" corners remain unused; O well; the architecture of the house presents spaces or niches, which at first glance do not seem very practical.

If your home has any of these characteristics, today we want to help you and we share with you a series of decorative solutions so you can take advantage of the corners of your home. Take note!

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hotel 1330834 960 720 - Essential for a perfect guest room

Throughout the year you will surely receive some guests at your home. Therefore, having an ideal guest room is essential to be a good host. You may have an extra room solely dedicated to receiving visitors.

Maybe you have a room that you use as an office or game room and that you would like to prepare for when someone comes to see you. Or, you may be thinking about doing a reform at home and include a guest room. Whatever your situation, our intention with this article is to help you, through some simple tips, to be a host ten with a nice and multifunctional guest room.

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photo 1504148455328 c376907d081c 1024x607 - The correct order when remodelling

Have you ever wondered what is the order you should follow when reforming your home? The doors or the floor? Bathroom or kitchen? We help you correctly plan the reform of your house

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